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The Russian Desk provides legal advice on both: the Polish entrepreneurs investing in the Eastern markets (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) as well as for Russian-speaking entrepreneurs/companies who are planning or have already started their business in Poland. We provide legal assistance on the basis of Russian, Polish and international law in the key aspects of their business activities, such as:

At the same time by working closely with attorneys, lawyers and auditors from Kazakhstan and Belarus our Law Office also provides legal assistance on these markets in the areas such as: business law, commercial law, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, labor, tax and customs law. In addition the Russian Desk offers clients representation before government agencies and courts in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Russian Desks projects are conducted by Irina Pronina, the partner of our Law Office and the authorized Russian lawyer with the extensive experience in the field of foreign investment and cross-border transactions in the Russian Federation.

Legal services of the Russian Desk are provided in Polish, Russian and English.

Contact - i.pronina@amerek.pl, mob.: 0-724-457-579


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